Do you need a good PA audio system for your school ?

Are are planning to buy Classroom Paging solution ? Do you need a good PA Audio System for your school or institution ? Should you consider Ahuja PA System? These are the key things to keep in mind.

  • The PA system should be reliable. It should work at all times as some function are very critical eg. emergency paging system.
  • Service, spares or replacement products should be easily available. Local products/brands are preferred as replacement can be done without delay if needed .
  • System should be easy to use with little to none technical knowledge. These system are operated by mostly non-technical support staff and a complicated system will make it difficult for them to understand and operate.
  • Most schools have a limited budget and cannot afford expensive brands. You will have to factor in maintenance cost or yearly AMC (annual maintenance cost) also which is roughly 10-25% of the equipment cost. Higher the equipment cost, higher will be the maintenance cost. So cost is critical.
  • The PA equipments needs to be hard-wired. Do factor in the cabling cost which may cost equal to the  equipment cost and sometimes higher depending on the length of cabling required in the school premises.

Considering the above requirements, Ahuja PA system is a decent option, component quality is good, build quality is strong, reliable operation with no fancy features. Does not look expensive or premium, sound quality is not exceptional but meets the basic PA audio requirement and does the job well.

Ahuja is today India‚Äôs leading manufacturer & exporter of Public Address Equipment. Established in 1940, in last 7 decades Ahuja has have been able to cement itself as the most trusted brand in sound & PA application requirement.

  • Wide variety of products available for every audio or pa requirement
  • Easy availability through authorised resellers all over India.
  • Spares / service are cheap and easily available.
  • Low product cost when compared to brands like Bosch, Shure, JBL, Crown etc.
  • Excellent reliability due to heavy duty components and simple design.
  • Easy to operate, maintain & service.
  • Only moderate technical knowledge is required for installation.

If you cannot afford high-end PA system/brands, simple go with Ahuja systems which can deliver the required solution at a fraction of the cost with reliability and peace of mind.

Pls stay away from Chinese brands & locally manufactured unknown brands. Buy only original from authorized vendors as there are lot of fake Ahuja products in the market.

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